LOMO LC-A 1990

The original Soviet version

by G. I. Nikolo on

Polaroid OneStep+ i-Type Instant Camera

The analog instant camera with modern featrues

by Kenneth Crow on

Cosina CX-2

The Archetype of a cult classic compact camera

by Oscar Fisher on

Zunow Zunowflex 1960

by Torsten Andersson on

Canon Hansa 1940

by Erwin Hicks on

Olympus Standard Prototype 1937

4×5cm pictures on 127 film

by Michael Johnson on

Hasselblad Lunar Surface SWC 1968

with Zeiss Biogon 4,5/38mm

by Thomas Haug on

Canon 7 1967

by Oscar Fisher on

Polaroid SX-70 1977

The original magic camera

by Torsten Andersson on

Leica 250 GG Reporter 1941

by Steve Huffington on